August 2017

With grateful thanks to Barbara Raupach, Christoph Profitlich and Oxford International Links; to the Oxford Bonn Club and to Helmut Köllig for his welcome.
Also to Oxford Stanza Two and Dada war alles gut poetry groups for their support.


Where do you come from?

We are all going on a journey, but before you set out:
Where do you feel is home? Where do you belong? Where are your roots?

Answers are written on the wooden houses and placed in the circle to be part of the installation.

Here is a selection of what people wrote – click to enlarge:

Where are you going? What have you learned on your journey?

Who is going with you? What will you take on your journey?
We only pass this way once – what have you learned?

People are invited to follow the big question mark.
They can walk, run, dance or move in any way they like.
At the end they are again invited to write something about their life on a small white square and place it at the end of the question mark.

Here is a selection of people’s thoughts – click to enlarge:


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