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  1. I love your project, Diana! It seems so simple at first but it is not. It provokes people to think about their life and answer the main questions – where I am from, where I am going, what for I live.


  2. I am interested to find that my responses to these deceptively simple questions would be different from those I gave when I first travelled your Question mark in oxford! Perhaps this is because I am nearer the end of my actual life journey….?

    heather Veevers

  3. Great project!

    Emma Procter-Legg

  4. This is such a lovely project Diana, so playful, thoughtful and inclusive.

  5. Marvellous!
    You have an uncanny knack for thinking up projects that seem absurdly simple, but that turn out to be very complex, working like keys that open people up, both to themselves and to others.
    Keep up the good – no, the great – work.

    Don Sparling

  6. I watched your video with the greatest of interest. I thought it was thought provoking, and liberating for people of all ages and types, especially interesting to see people walking/running/dancing along the question mark.

    David Mostyn

  7. I have just watched the video and found it very moving and thought provoking; such a beautiful idea.

    Claire Petworth

  8. Great concept – Well done!

    beate gördes

  9. Another window into the magic of hope and togetherness-great project! Each of us fragile and traveled in our thoughts, we all need the comfort of each other.

    Elizabeth Bell

  10. What a great project! A really imaginative way of involving and engaging people of all ages with a theme that touches us all in such different ways.

    Ruth Charity

  11. What an interesting concept Diana. Isn’t it lovely that people from so many different locations wanted to share a little of themselves with the rest of the human ‘family’? It would be interesting to see what response you would get in other locations in the UK.

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